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Universal Caravans

The Universal Caravan brand manufacturers offer different specifications of caravans. There's a range of sizes and colours, and features. We are responsible for recommending the caravan that most suits your purpose.

Traveller Caravans

Traveller Caravans brand is one of Australia's top caravan manufacturers, and their priority is comfort, luxury, and durability.

Supreme Caravans

Supreme Caravan brand is also one of Australia's leading caravan brands, and they prioritise comfort, safety, and luxury. The caravans were developed to withstand the harsh and favourable Australian roads and weather conditions.

Roma Caravans

Another excellent quality caravan brand in Australia is the Roma Caravans brand. Roma Caravans is the oldest caravan brand in the world. They have a wealth of experience in satisfying the needs of all road travellers who require the use of caravans.

Lotus Caravans

Another luxurious and safety optimised caravan brand is the Lotus Caravans. Do you want a caravan that will be well suited for your Vehicle and brace the rugged roads of mountainous areas?

JB Caravans

If you are looking to configure your caravan, JB is the caravan manufacturing company for the job. There is a range of specifications and features that suit both bumpy roads and good roads. These caravans offer up to three years warranty.

Avida Caravans

This brand has been manufacturing caravans since 1965. That's more than 50 years of caravan experience, more than enough time to master and perfect the art of caravan making.

Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans, one of Australia's leading caravan manufacturers, offers a wide range of reasons to buy a caravan today. The caravans are carefully put together to ensure durability and longevity.



Will you like to take that road or camping trip you’ve always talked about but haven’t been able to take because of financial constraints? Are you a lover of the outdoors?


Like every other Vehicle, Caravans need to undergo regular check-ups and service to ensure that they are road safe, not just for you but for other road users.

Caravan Finance

Caravans are costly but worthy investments. They have many uses, beyond travelling and camping trips. They can be used for storage and quick getaways from your everyday life.


You need to get caravan insurance to insure you against loss or damage of your caravan due to unforeseen circumstances or theft.

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