About Us

Free Vehicle is an independent Campervan, RV, Caravan, and Motorhome broker in Melbourne, Australia. We are one of Australia’s leading caravan brokers, and we offer mouthwatering and affordable services. We have long-term standing relationships with the top caravan manufacturers in Australia. This puts us in the best position to provide you with the caravan of your dreams.

Have you been longing to take a road or camping trip? Are you a travel blogger or photographer and would rather have the own space instead of staying in hotels? Are you a musical band looking to taking a countrywide your? Then you have come to the right place.

Our Services

At Free Vehicle, we sell a variety of caravans ranging from Universal Caravans to Traveller Caravans, Supreme Caravans, Roma Caravans, Lotus Caravans, JB Caravans, Crusader Caravans, and Avida Caravans. We offer discounts on the sale of these caravans as well. We do not encourage the haggling process in purchases because we believe that it is unnecessary and time-consuming, and as a result, we ensure that we give you the actual price for your caravans. You can be assured that the prices on our website are the actual discounted prices.

We have a wealth of information on our website regarding the specifications, features, strengths, and weaknesses of the caravans we have for sale. We offer a service where we recommend the most suitable caravan for your travel purposes and the most appropriate size.

We have teams ranging from salesmen to the servicing, repair, and maintenance team down to expert negotiators who help us get the best caravan deals. Our employees are passionate about why they do, and we can guarantee their dedication to your needs. Where we do not offer a caravan-related service, like insurance and caravan financing, we refer you to trusted brokers who do.

Our Mission

We aim to be Australia’s leading caravan brokers with vast connections to manufacturers in Australia and all over the world. Free Vehicle desires to be your one-stop caravan dealership, with dealings in sales, purchases, servicing, spare parts supply, repair, and eventually insurance of touring caravans.

Our Vision

To see to the ease, safety, and comfort of travellers all over Australia. We foresee an Australia where the average person can afford to take a road or camping trip without having to give too much concern to finances as a result of our affordable buyers’ discounts and incentives.

Our Values

The business relationships we go into reflect the values we hold dear at Free Vehicle. We avoid shady deals, and we only buy caravans from people who want to sell after we have conducted series of tests and investigations to ensure that they are not stolen caravans.

We also avoid bait and switch tricks which are commonly used by a lot of caravan brokers today. We ensure that our dealings are as straightforward as possible. We also ensure that we have third-party relationships with only credible insurance and caravan financing brokers.