Avida Caravans

This brand has been manufacturing caravans since 1965. That’s more than 50 years of caravan experience, more than enough time to master and perfect the art of caravan making. Avida Caravans has been providing caravans for travellers and lovers of the road of calling trips for generations.

They offer a delicious package of 5 years warranty as long as your caravan is serviced every six months. There is also a 2-year roadside assistance warranty for caravan assistance when there is a roadside breakdown. They have put into consideration a way to cover unforeseen circumstances when you’re on the road with your family or friends.

There is not only durability and longevity in mind but also comfort and luxury on your road or camping trips. Have you ever wanted to take a road trip with your family or friends? Have you ever wanted to go camping but couldn’t because you don’t want to sleep in a tent? Then Avida Caravans provides the perfect solution if your answer to either or both of the questions was yes.

Structural Support

The structure of Avida Caravans was built with serious consideration given to the harsh climates of Australia. The roofs are covered in EDPM robbery membrane to protect them from extreme temperatures, as well as a one-piece sandwich panel fibreglass roof. They make use of sandwich panels for the construction of the roofs, walls, and floors to maintain and regulate the perfect temperature. The chassis is made from unique and high-quality materials, and the structural composition was built to resist dents and hail and each caravan also has aerodynamic fibreglass moulded front. Now, what more do you want for a safe road or camping trip?

Research and Development

Avida Caravans has been in business since 1965 and has acquired years of experience in the caravan-making industry. They have had enough time to become a fully developed caravan-making business. They are constantly evolving and making developments in their caravans due to constant research and desire to make travel dreams come through in luxury and safety. They have a team of researchers who try to find out what features will be best for caravans, what materials have the most quality and are also as fail-safe as possible. This knowledge is applied to the newer models of caravans.

Quality Control

Asides from the efforts put into the structural composition and research and development, the quality of the caravans are also tested from time to time to ensure that there are no manufacturer defects and that they are road safe. The quality is so good that you can stand on the roof of an Avida Caravan! They prioritise quality control so much that once a caravan enters the market, it is entering it in top-notch quality and perfect conditions.

The caravans are also fully serviced self-contained apartments with everything you need to have a good and luxurious, safe life on the road. They contain state-of-the-art facilities and appliances to make your road life very comfortable.