Crusader Caravans

Why Crusader Caravans?

Why not Crusader Caravans? Crusader Caravans, one of Australia's leading caravan manufacturers, offers a wide range of reasons to buy a caravan today. The caravans are carefully put together to ensure durability and longevity. They offer a five-year warranty package. The exterior part of Crusader Caravans is beautiful and well enforced. The caravans have insulated roofs and walls, as well as fibreglass floors to protect the floor from road debris, and they are built with composite construction materials. They also have solar panels which provide constant electricity, high ceilings to prevent claustrophobia, tasteful furniture, appliances, and facilities, as well as one-piece shower cubicles. You don't have to worry about water shortages because each caravan has a large freshwater tank.

Available Range of Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans provides you with a variety of models you can choose from. Free Vehicle offers you information on the specifications of the various models and what they are best suited for. We also advise you on the caravan that will best suit your lifestyle and travel purposes.

Excalibur Range

The Excalibur Range has Excalibur Nobleman, SCV, Serenity, Duke, Kingsman, and Prince Caravanswhich can comfortably cater to the needs of 2. The Excalibur Castle comfortably waters to the needs of 5. The Excalibur is aptly named because it is indeed special and magical. These models have unique and customised features such as picnic tables, double glazed windows for privacy, roll-out awning, and other unique characteristics—the aesthetics and comfort of the interior place as priorities. There is an ensuite bathroom as well as top-notch facilities and appliances installed to make your road trip as comfortable as possible.

XCountry Range

This is an off-road model. It was built to withstand bad and poor bumpy roads. This model can even be towed in the remote and undeveloped parts of Australia. The Xcountry model has XCountry Extreme and XCountryTrailbreaker. They are each big enough to comfortably cater to two people. They have high ceilings to give off a spacious room feel, composite floors and roofs, and a solid Duratech box steel chassis. Safety is also a priority, and this is evident in the breakaway feature, which applies the breaks if the caravan detaches itself by mistake. The Breakaway system helps prevent the caravan from rolling further away.

Musketeer Range

This Crusaders Caravan model has the Musketeer Palace model, which houses 4, Musketeer Porthos, Warrior, Arthos, Aramis, Recliner, and Treville, which all house 2. They have well-furnished interiors, with exterior modifications that make them stand out from other caravan brands.


The Lifechanger has Pathway, Experience, Passage, and Connection makes which house 2. The Lifechanger Tribe and Bunkie each house a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 5. These caravans are fully equipped to make your trips very luxurious.

Chameleon Range

These caravans are light in weight, making them easy to tow. They have composite panel bodies. The minor makes are Chameleon Liberty SV, Liberty, Unity, Unity SV, Action, and Action SV.