JB Caravans

If you are looking to configure your caravan, JB is the caravan manufacturing company for the job. There is a range of specifications and features that suit both bumpy roads and good roads. These caravans offer up to three years warranty. There are about 11 models with 38 sizes and layout options. The best thing about JB Caravans is that they are large enough to comfortably house a whole family. So if you’re planning a family trip with your family, JB Caravans has the perfect specifications for you.

Free Vehicle provides you with the information you need on the suitable caravans for your trips. We make it easy for you to get the most suitable caravans promptly. We also ensure that we bring you the best caravans while taking into consideration your budget. We aim to help you save money.

JB Caravans are categorised into 'on road' and 'off road' models. The models include:

Dirt Roader

Just like the name implies, this model is advantageous on roads that are not tiled. They can be towed on mountainous roads, dirt roads, and bumpy roads. These caravans have beautiful and fortified exteriors that keep the temperature in the caravan balanced. The body is designed with graphics specific only to this model. It has a skylight, picnic table, and a midi hatch. It also has double-glazed European windows with a triple lock entry for your safety and to prevent your property from being stolen. The interior part of the caravan is just as beautiful as the exterior. It looks like a home on wheels because it is. It contains everything that you need to make your family trip an enjoyable one, from queen-sized beds to footrests, lightweight doors, to one-piece vinyl flooring. The living area is tastefully furnished as well. Appliances such as a microwave, washing machine, a 24" television, and a fridge are available in each caravan. Safety is also a priority, so there are smoke and fire alarms as well as a fire extinguisher. Dirt Roaders also have Dirt Roader Extreme, which is simply bigger at 20'0" than the Dirt Roader at 19'0".


This JB Caravan model ranges from 17'10" to 22" in size. It has double-glazed European windows to ensure maximum privacy, a picnic table, external speakers for listening to your favourite songs, a skylight, and also a triple lock entry door to maximise your safety and the safety of your possessions. It has one-piece vinyl flooring, lightweight doors with buttonless handles, and a Queensland mattress, and other state-of-the-art facilities and equipment designed for your comfort.


This model is subdivided into two- the Scorpion and the Scorpion Sting. The Scorpion has a floor size ranging from 19'6" to 23" while the Scorpion Sting ranges from 20'6" to 22'6".


This model has two makes which are the Gator and the Gator X. They differ in sizes and modifications. You can contact us to help put your dream caravan together.