Lotus Caravans

Another luxurious and safety optimised caravan brand is the Lotus Caravans. Do you want a caravan that will be well suited for your Vehicle and brace the rugged roads of mountainous areas? A well-balanced caravan will not be getting jolted, tipping over your property when there is a sudden bump in the road? A caravan that maintains durability and longevity while also being aesthetically pleasing?

Lotus Caravans manufacture caravans that satisfy all those requirements adequately. Not only do they meet those requirements, but they also do it at a pocket-friendly price. You can get the caravan of your dreams without breaking your bank or your back. Travel satisfied with your bank account and with your comfortable road lifestyle.

The following models are high-quality caravans manufactured by Lotus Caravans:


The Trooper is a Lotus Caravan model with a powerful battery capacity that can last for days without running out. The trooper sizes range from 18'9" to 22'. The best thing about a Trooper is that it can be customised to your taste. You get to build your very own caravan, which will be delivered right to your doorstep. From the colour to the size, down to the specifications, you have an interest in. You get to choose the accessories ranging from heaters to fans, solar panels, fridges, down to even supplements that you want to be installed for you. The Trooper is a traveller's dream come true! There are fire and smoke alarms as well as fire extinguishers that are made available for your safety. There is also provision for a bathroom and toilet. All the things you need for an extraordinary life on the move are in your Trooper caravan.


This Lotus Caravan model is also built to make your road or camping trips luxurious, safe and memorable. Whether you're taking a long road trip through the rough areas of Australia or taking a road trip to a camping site to set up camp, the Freelander is the perfect caravan for you. It is equipped with high-quality gadgets that will make your trips as memorable and comfortable as you have always dreamed of. This model is powered by a very strong battery that runs for days, a high-powered solar panel that ensures that you never run out of power, with solid and durable tyres. The interior is so aesthetically pleasing, with facilities such as a washing machine, microwave, a TV and an oven. An added advantage is you never have to run out of hot water, even when you're in the desert.


Equipped with all the fantastic modifications used by the Lotus Caravan manufacturers, this caravan model is perfect for family trips. A double or triple bunk can be set up in the bedroom. The minimum caravan size for this model is 16'6, and the maximum is 23'3. There is just enough space for a family of 5 to get comfortable on a family or camping trip.