New Caravans

Caravans are travel trailers or campers towed behind vehicles, majorly used by travellers or campers, to provide you with a comfortable place to sleep. This is a preferable option instead of the use of tents. They provide optimal comfort on journeys. They can be seen as your second home when you’re travelling. This is even preferable to hotels when you’re in a new city because the caravan contains your property, and it feels like home on wheels.

Do you need new caravans?

At Free Vehicle, we help you make your road trips as comfortable as possible. We sell a wide range of caravans. We have direct access to a lot of manufacturers and, as a result, automatic access to the best caravans in Australia. We sell a variety of makes and models, in different shapes, colours and sizes. We also have dated versions down to the latest ones. We provide information on the features, strengths, and weaknesses of the caravans brand you want to purchase. We recommend the caravans that will be best suited for whatever activity you want to carry out with the caravan. We not only equip, but we also educate you.

Our website is easily accessible to all who have an interest in caravans. We regularly update our website information on the models of caravans available. You can also find information on the features of the caravans you want to buy. If the information provided isn’t enough, we have employees who can be contacted to rectify that by providing you with information. The brands of caravans that we have for sale include Universal Caravans, Traveller Caravans, Supreme Caravans, Roma Caravans, Lotus Caravans, JB Caravans, Crusader Caravans, and Avida Caravans.

We provide you with the best caravans, in perfect working conditions. You can take our caravans for test drives to experience how they run. Beyond selecting the caravan you want to buy, we provide extra services such as changing the colour of the caravan if you’re not satisfied with it. We also offer upgrade and improvement services. If you want ramps for wheelchairs or other extra furniture installed in your caravan, we will get it done.

Beyond providing you with the most suitable caravans, we also ensure that we put your finances into consideration. With years of experience and access to firsthand benefits as a result of constant patronage, we have been able to gain access to significant discounts from our manufacturers. These discounts reflect what we charge for suitable quality caravans. We provide you with quality and comfort while helping you save your money. We help you avoid the stress and time wastage that come with haggling during negotiations because we give you the actual price for what you’re buying.

We want to make your travelling ambitions, road trips, and camping trips as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the quality of our caravans by contacting us today. Use our services and gain access to buyer incentives.

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