Roma Caravans

Another excellent quality caravan brand in Australia is the Roma Caravans brand. Roma Caravans is the oldest caravan brand in the world. They have a wealth of experience in satisfying the needs of all road travellers who require the use of caravans. The focus of Roma Caravans is comfort, style, and durability. Roma Caravans keeps evolving to meet the demands of the modern-day world. They are constantly finding out modifications you would like to have them add to their new models and satisfying those desires.

The models of Roma Caravans are:

Elegance Rogue International

The elegance rogue International is one of the Roma Caravan brands. As caravans should be, they are built and modified to brace the rough Australian roads while at the same time providing you with maximum comfort and luxury. It has a 6" x2" chassis rail, electric brakes, corner stabilisers, safety chains, a share wheel, a jockey wheel, a toolbox, and other modifications. The interior was designed to make you feel like royalty. It has a queen-sized bed with block-out blinds, furniture primarily made up of lite weight plywood, and other ensuite accessories. The interior is tastefully furnished with aesthetic priority. Each caravan comes with its fridge, oven, washing machine, microwave, and other appliances that make you feel like you're in your own home; because you are.

Razorback Sports

This model has a fortified chassis, made to be both strong and sleek, as the name implies. It is fully equipped to make your travels as luxurious as possible. It has a fully equipped kitchen with all the required appliances for comfort. It has devices such as a TV, washing machine and stereo CD player. It also contains a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, safety switch, and safety breakaway unit.

Elegance On-Site

The Elegance on-site caravan also combines elegance with safe travels. This model was designed to optimise the use of space. It has a fully equipped kitchen, tastefully designed and furnished interiors, TV, and an ensuite bathroom.


This serviced luxurious self-contained caravan is similar to the other Roma Caravans save for modifications such as an extraction fan in the ensuite, fly screens, electronic stability control, and rangehood.

Razorback Rogue

This model of Roma Caravans was modelled after a luxurious, serviced, self-contained apartment. The exterior was designed to withstand harsh weather and road conditions and function properly and safely in an emergency through the fully functional shock absorbers, nudge bars, Projecta Management system for the batteries, and other modifications.

This caravan model has special notifications such as a picnic table, roof hatch, double glazed windows, reverse cameras, and alloy pull-out steps. The interior is also tastefully and aesthetically furnished to provide you with maximum luxury. This beautiful model contains appliances such as a 24″ TV, a TV antenna, air conditioner, and other essential appliances and facilities. There I also a state-of-the-art suite bathroom and toilet. Travel in the style and comfort that comes with a Razorback Rogue.