Caravans, like every other Vehicle, need to undergo regular check-ups and service to ensure that they are road safe, not just for you but for other road users. Caravans can be serviced once a year to once in three years. However, damp and electricity tests should be carried out every year. Servicing should also be done regularly to maintain manufacturer warranties. Servicing takes about four hours for the complete package. So four hours yearly to ensure your safety and the durability of your caravan is not too much to ask. Free Vehicle offers top-notch and pocket-friendly servicing to caravan owners. Our employees are available to see to your servicing needs to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. We have quality equipment to carry out all your caravan servicing needs.

At Free Vehicle, we pay attention to the following:

Chassis and Running Gear

The frame of the caravan needs to be serviced regularly. The parts that will be checked include the tyres, including the spare, break adjustments will be carried out, and other technical services. Underneath the caravan will also be looked at.

Gas Systems

We use a nanometer to check if all the appliances that make use of gas are well connected and functioning correctly. These appliances include the water heater, oven, fridge, and heating system. This is done to prevent gas leakages which can result in ghastly accidents.

Water Systems

The taps in the caravan are checked to prevent leaks, and the wastewater outlets are checked to ensure that there are no blockages and also to prevent them. We also check to see if the toilets are flushing well.

Body Work

We carry out a damp check inside the caravan. If our tests indicate a higher than 20% result, then it means there is a water ingress that needs to be taken care of immediately. General inspection of the bodywork and also involves taking a look at the roof.


The vents are also checked to see if there are any blockages or obstructions.

Fire and Safety

The smoke and fire alarms are inspected to ensure they’re still functioning well. Your fire extinguisher is also examined to see if it has not expired.

Electrical Systems

All the sockets, internal and external lights are inspected to see if they’re in perfect condition. Al electrical appliances are also tested to see if they’re working well.


Servicing of appliances and facilities such as air conditioner, solar panel, motor mover, individual appliances like fridge, microwave, washing machine in your caravans require an extra stipend. Our team of expert mechanics will get the job done for you within the shortest time.

Free Vehicle has an affordable and essential caravan servicing package. Servicing has to be done regularly to ensure your safety, that of your guests, and the safety of other road users. It is also done to ensure durability and longevity. Prevent any inconvenience that can arise as a result of lack of regular servicing and maintenance by doing the needful today.