Supreme Caravans

Supreme Caravan brand is also one of Australia’s leading caravan brands, and they prioritise comfort, safety, and luxury. The caravans were developed to withstand the harsh and favourable Australian roads and weather conditions. There are touring models, which include the Classic, Spirit, Executive, and Basecamp caravans. The caravans are made with the best quality parts available in Australia and beyond. The caravans are tested repeatedly to ensure that they are indeed as safe as we claim they are. Supreme Caravans also produces limited edition caravans we have access to. Just name your caravan needs and specifications, and Free Vehicle will get the caravan and have it delivered to your doorstep if you want.

Classic Supreme Caravans

Classic Supreme Caravans were designed with consideration given to the harsh weather in Australia. They were also designed with durability in mind. The caravans are insulated, with double glazed windows, screwed and glued Meranti frame, and double ribbed with aluminium cladding. The interiors were designed to satisfy the aesthetically inclined with state-of-the-art facilities and furniture. The basic facilities needed for a comfortable and luxurious road or camping trip are contained in your Classic Supreme Caravan.

Spirit Supreme Caravans

This model makes room for extra space when you want to set your caravan at your desired site. It has a slide-out pocket that can be turned into a C-shaped mini dining area. It has a thick Meranti timber frame embedded in the chassis. This caravan was designed to optimise luxury. It even has a pull-out bbq, oven, and other great equipment. The caravan is tastefully furnished and has a full ensuite bathroom.

Executive Supreme Caravan

This model, like the others, was made with durability in mind. It was created to withstand the harsh Australian climates. It is tastefully furnished with state-of-the-art furniture and facilities to make your travel lifestyle comfortable.

Basecamp Supreme Caravans

This model is spacious, with additional features such as a rear garage with a ramp, heavy chassis duty, and full insulation. It was designed to give you a comfortable travel lifestyle.

Free Vehicle offers additional services such as upgrading and modification. If you want equipment or facilities installed in your Supreme Caravan, we can have it done for you at pocket-friendly prices. We offer regular servicing, maintenance, and repair services. This is to ensure that all your road or camping trips are as safe as possible.

We have a longstanding relationship with Supreme Caravans, and so we have access to exclusive discounted prices. We ensure that these discounted prices reflect in our asking price. We make sure that we give the accurate discounted market price to save your time, energy, and money. We also do not engage in bait and switch tactics to sell our caravans. We are trusted caravan brokers for your luxurious and safe Supreme Caravans.

Supreme Caravans is a luxurious caravan brand in Australia with years of experience in the caravan manufacturing business. There is adequate provision for your safety and comfort on your road or camping trips.