Traveller Caravans

Traveller Caravans brand is one of Australia’s top caravan manufacturers, and their priority is comfort, luxury, and durability. These caravans are usually built to accommodate a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5. The caravans are built to endure harsh weather and road conditions. The sizes range from 18’5″ to 24’5″. Traveller Caravans is the way to go when you want to go on a road or camping trip that gives you an enjoyable road experience and comfort at an affordable price. The brand constantly endeavours to get upgrades that make travel life even more comfortable. Each model is even a better modification than the last. State-of-the-art facilities are installed into new models.


Each caravan is made with high-quality Supagal steel embedded into the chassis to provide it with the required muscle power. The chassis is the base frame of the caravan. Control Rider Coil Independent Suspension was included during manufacturing Traveller Caravans to have enough room for heat dissipation. Simplicity Suspension was also included in the manufacturing process to make your road or camping trip run well. This makes your caravan able to function well in both favourable and harsh conditions. The caravans make use of manual and electric steps, and our customers get to decide the steps they want us to use. The chassis was designed to ensure optimal safety as well as comfort. Each caravan contains toolboxes for emergency purposes as well as first aid boxes. There is enough storage space in each caravan, and there are also built-in extras such as room for storing your bikes if you love bikes and versatile Trail-a-mate jacks.

Outer Shell

The outer shell was built to optimise the use of space in the caravan. We understand that you will want to take as many possessions that will make your road or camping trip comfortable, so we have caravans in stock that make use of Tunnel and Font boots that make adequate provision for this. The windows are UV enforced and are also easy to clean. They afford you a clear view of what is going on outside. These windows have black or white frame. Black or Silver Checker plates have were used in the production process to recent caravan collisions. Each Traveller Caravan contains roof hatches that can be easily lifted to allow sunlight to get into your caravan. Provisions have also been made for you to give clothing lines to spread your clothes.


The internal part of Traveller Caravan, like the exterior, was also designed to optimise luxury and comfort. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and furniture. The bathroom facilities are also as comfortable as the bathrooms in your homes. Traveller caravans are also designed to optimise aesthetics.

Traveller Caravans are the go-to caravans when you want comfort, luxury, and safety during your road or camping trips. If you’ve ever wanted to travel in style or comfort, Traveller Caravans is the way to go.