Universal Caravans

The Universal Caravan brand manufacturers offer different specifications of caravans. There’s a range of sizes and colours, and features. We are responsible for recommending the caravan that most suits your purpose. The models of the Universal Caravan include the following:

Crystal River

The Universal Caravan Crystal River is a 23'6" modern marvel. This is a luxurious caravan. It has the latest gadgets ranging from the plumbing section to the appliances. It has a kitchen and a bed area with a slide-out that separates both sections. It is well furnished as it includes a TV, an air conditioner and even a lounge. Your road or camping trip will be so luxurious and comfortable if you make use of a Universal Caravan Crystal River.

Universal Explorer

This is a luxurious model. This 23'9" caravan is suitable for all forms of travel. It has an armoured exterior with tinted windows for privacy, a slide-out lounge area that can differentiate between the kitchen and the bedroom. It is tastefully furnished with a bed and other furniture you will just love. It also contains a microwave, a washing machine, television, and other appliances that make you feel like you're in your own home. It also considers your safety by providing you with a fire exit, fire and smoke alarm, and a fire extinguisher.

Universal Hollywood

This caravan is 24" with a unique drop-down picnic table feature and slide-out lounge that separates the kitchen area from the bedroom. It is furnished with a slide-out bed, a European-made vinyl floor, and Italian leather lounge upholstery. It houses state-of-the-art appliances as well. It has an outdoor shower and two 62l tanks for water. You never have to worry about water troubles. It also contains a durable inverter, so you never have to worry about power shortage. It can be upgraded to include some other facilities or appliances if you want.

Universal Transformer

The Universal Transformer is the perfect caravan for the family. It is a 23'3" caravan with specifications for all the members of the family. A slide-out lounge separates the kitchen from the bedrooms, and another one separates the adult bedroom from the bedroom for the children. The children's bedroom contains two bunks. This caravan is also tinted for privacy purposes. It is the most suitable caravan for family camping and road trips. Free Vehicle has access to a range of brands with various specifications. We can help you find the best caravans because we enjoy a third-party relationship with credible caravan manufacturers and can make the perfect recommendation for you. Let us help you make your camping or road trips memorable.