Used Caravans

Will you like to take that road or camping trip you’ve always talked about but haven’t been able to take because of financial constraints? Are you a lover of the outdoors? Will you like to have your very own caravan? At Free Vehicle, we sell used caravans at discounted and wallet-friendly prices as well. We ensure that the used caravans we sell are in perfect working conditions. We do not wish to cause you any problems on your road trips. The used caravans are serviced regularly, and bad parts are replaced or repaired as soon as they are noticed. We keep the caravans in good condition, awaiting your purchase or lease.

There are various available models of caravans, and buying a second-hand caravan doesn’t prevent you from having a wide range of options at a vastly discounted price. We have an existing relationship with the most credible caravan brokers in Australia, and we will provide you with a range of caravans with specific features. We will also provide you with information about the strengths, weaknesses, and features of the caravans we offer you.

At Free Vehicle, we have direct access to Universal Caravans, Traveller Caravans, Supreme Caravans, Roma Caravans, Lotus Caravans, JB Caravans, Crusader Caravans, and Avida Caravans. These are the top caravan manufacturers in Australia, and we can get you the caravan of your dreams. These caravans are also available to you if you want a well-used second-hand caravan in perfect condition.

We also offer caravan maintenance services to second-hand caravans. This is to ensure that they are always in perfect working conditions ready for sale. We carry out inspections and in-depth tests on the caravans we want to buy from people who want to sell their cats and. We scrutinise the caravans and ask the owners the right questions that help us determine if the caravans have been well used and are worthy of purchase. Our services include the repair and replacement of parts of the caravan where necessary.

You don’t have to worry about the facilities in the caravan as well. They are similar to the facilities in brand new caravans; the only difference is these caravans have been used before. The caravans are furnished with beds, chairs, kitchen appliances, and other facilities needed to make your road or camping trip luxurious and comfortable. You have the option of including facilities or furniture that makes me more comfortable in your caravan. We offer upgrading services, and in this package, we install facilities like ramps for wheelchairs for those who need them. You can also tell us what is missing from your home on wheels, and we will work on providing a lasting solution.

Finances should not stop you from taking that road or camping trip you’ve always dreamed about. We sell used caravan at discounted prices. Let us help you find the perfect caravan that will be comfortable and wallet-friendly. We can also have the caravans delivered to your doorsteps if you want us to.

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